Welcome to the website of the International prehabilitation Society.

Due to the outbreak COVID-19 it has been determined that the Prehabilitation Conference in Barcelona, May 28-29th will be postponed.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. Please check this website for new dates.

The International Prehabilitation Society would like to bring together all stakeholders involved in making patients fit for surgery.

Though we believe in high intensity, multimodal prehabilitation, any initiative to improve a patients’ physical, nutritional and mental status before surgical or medical therapy is considered of value. We want to share knowledge and gather the evidence that is needed for broad implementation of prehabilitation.

Principles and guidance for prehabilitation
within the management and support of
people with cancer. Read More


The International Prehabilitation Society has been founded in 2018 at the second Prehabilitation World Conference in Eindhoven The Netherlands. Its members are health professionals interested in or already working with Prehabilitation.

The board of the International Prehabilitation Society:

Dr. G.D. Slooter, MD, PhD, President
Surgical Oncologist, Máxima Medical Centre, Eindhoven the Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. G. Danjoux MD, PhD, Vice-President,
Anesthesiologist, South Tees NHS, Middlesbrough, UK,

Prof. Dr. M.P.W Grocott, MD, PhD, Treasurer
Anesthesiologist, Vice-President of the RCoA, University Hospital Southampton, UK.

Mrs. Dr. N. Papen- Botterhuis, PhD, Msc, Secretary
Advisor Science and Innovation, Máxima Medical Centre, Eindhoven the Netherlands,

Prof. Dr. F. Carli, MD, PhD, Honorary board member
Anesthesiologist, Founder of the ERAS society, McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Mrs. Prof. Dr. S. Jack, PhD, Board Member
Dept. of Anesthesiology, University Hospital Southampton, UK

Mrs. C. Gillis, Msc, Board member
PhD candidate, Dietitian, University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. F. Herrle, MD, PhD, Board Member
Surgical Oncologist, University Hospital Mannheim, Germany

Mrs. Dr. G. Martinez Pali, MD, PhD, 2020 Conference President
Anesthesiologist, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain


  • Bring stakeholders in Prehabilitation together

  • Facilitate the gathering of evidence to support the need for Prehabilitation

  • Support sharing knowledge about prehabilitation

  • Facilitate the implementation of prehabilitation by creating a platform, sharing experiences and give the opportunity to advice and help one another. Protocols, standard operating procedures, etcetera can be exchanged.




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