• Chapters per country: The IPS would like every country to organize a national chapter preferably based on multidisciplinary involvement. If you would like to organize a chapter, please contact us through and give us the names and contact details. We will make sure the chapter can be found on this website.
  • Elements of prehabilitation: Elements of prehabilitation are mentioned below. Professionals in each element are encouraged to join their efforts in optimizing therapy.
    • Physical training through exercise
    • Nutritional support and supplementation
    • Mental support, patient education and patient empowerment
    • Cessation of smoking and behavioral changes
    • Adjustment of disease related disorders (e.g. anemia)
  • Best Practice: Since we believe in synergy of these components, an important role for the IPS is bringing all these different professionals together.

Exercise without nutrition will not increase muscle mass. Nutrition is better utilised in combination with training. For training a good mental state is mandatory and on the other hand the effort of training will be rewarding for your mental state. Moreover our ultimate goal is to generate persistent behavioural changes through all elements.

Not every institute has the possibility to do basic research in prehabilitation therefore we want to share best practices and protocols.

Though it seems logical to make patients fit for surgery to get better outcomes and an improved quality of life we need evidence to convince our stakeholders. We can support each other by sharing knowledge on implementation.  Different local, regional and national initiatives will have their own dynamics in convincing managers, insurance companies and health authorities. We can learn from each other and maybe the summation of initiatives will help convince stakeholders to invest in Prehabilitation.

If you have a best practice to share, please email it to and we will place it on this website.

  • Building the business case: We all believe that the business case for prehabilitation will be positive. In the Era of Value Based Health Care (VBHC) added value for patients and cost savings are the ultimate goals. There are costs for execution of the prehabilitation program but there will also be benefits such as a reduction in length of stay and a potential reduction in complications. Unfortunately the costs will precede the benefits and in most hospitals the costs for prehabilitation will be made in one department while the savings will be made in another department. Also a part of the health care savings will be made after discharge from the hospital. Therefore we need an evidence based business case to convince our management or insurance companies.
  • Running trials and new initiatives: We would like to give an overview on national and international studies and give research institutes the possibility to launch their initiatives. Our ultimate goal will be to create partnerships for multicenter studies.

If you have new ideas or you are looking for research partners, please contact us through We will put your request on the message board.

Message Board.

  • Recent literature and stock: We would like to create a stock of publication on elements of prehabilitation and on multimodal prehabilitation. We want to give an update on recent publications.
  • Upcoming events and conferences: Conferences of interest will be announced without charges for the organizers. Please forward new items to
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